Weekend Meal, Curry Burgers

Hello all, who doesn’t fancy burgers at the weekend, thought about time did something again with Mums Masala curry  cooking sauces https://www.facebook.com/mumsmasala

Using half a jar of the Mums Masala Mild cooking sauce I mixed with 500g of Minced Beef, I’m sure would work well if whatever mince you have to hand, turkey would be a healthier option. Also mixed in a handful of chopped spring onions too, was tempted to add chilli too but the ones growing in my garden are not quite ready sadly but would add a good kick.

Mix well using hands or a wooden spoon. The sauce helps to bind it all together so you don’t need breadcrumbs (don’t add too much though so the mix is too wet as then will no hold together when cooking). At this stage add anything else you want to the mix, peppers, onions, coriander would all work well but don’t forget there is a lot of flavour already in the sauce.
Form in to patties , which ever size you fancy your burgers 🙂 chilled in the fridge for a few hours just so they hold the shape. These can of course can be frozen and used whenever you need them. Grill , BBQ or just oven making sure you turn over halfway through cooking just so both sides get that charred taste. Now get creative add whatever you want to your burger. I mixed some of the curry sauce with mayonnaise to create a curry mayo which worked really well, pickles, gurkins , cheese, lettuce build as you wish 🙂 then enjoy.
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L’atelier Des Chefs Cooking Lesson Chicken Shawarma

Hello Everyone

A while back a was gifted a cooking lesson in London by my family but only just got round to using it and boy was I glad I did. Such a fun and exciting experience. My lesson took place at their St Pauls London cooking school details can be found on their site here https://www.atelierdeschefs.co.uk 🙂

My lesson was to cook Chicken Shawarma , a middle eastern cuisine. There are so many different classes to choose from, French, Asian , Japanese, to pasta or macaroon making lessons so would be something for everyone. These classes can range from 30mins so you could fit in around a working lunch to 4 hours making like 3 course meal. Firstly I was greeted by very friendly staff which who couldn’t have been more helpful and polite. Offered me a drink and a place to store my stuff. Plus really engaging whilst we were waiting for the other people to arrive for the lesson.

As you can see from the inside has a lovely set up. The kitchen area is very well stocked and all gets set up before you start with everything you will need. The chef teaching was so informative and very friendly too, made you feel relaxed and showed you everything you needed to know.

Prep time 🙂 firstly we made the dough for the cumin seed flat breads as needed time to mix. Next came the prep of chopping the chillies and garlic for the marinade, we mixed chilli, garlic, salt pepper, paprika and ground cumin then  covered some boneless chicken thighs and massaged it in. These thighs still had the skin on but as going under the grill made for crispy chicken skin which I love. Then slicing lengthways chilli and spring onion, then using a mandolin we sliced red cabbage really thin watching not to loose a finger. Chopped mint went in to some yogurt for the sauce, and both the dip and salad got a good squeeze of lemon. Next we rolled out rounds of the dough really thin till round, heating a heavy bottom pan on the hob till smoking hot. Then once in the pan we blowtorched the top (very fun) so they puff up and become bubbly with a crisp. Now time to assemble.


Once you have made your dish you go and sit at a set table by the window and front of the store, with everyone else who made their dish too. I got a glass of wine with mine and it went down a treat. The Chicken Shawarma was so deliciously tasty, crisp flatbread, lovely moist and flavourful chicken, crunchy salad with a good kick from the chillies and refreshing and cooling it all down was the yogurt dressing. A fantastic mix of flavours and one I will be recreating for sure. Chatting with everyone was fun too as discuss what you think of the dish and how might change, good to get to know some new people too. Included in mine was dessert too a flourless chocolate cake yummy indeed.


This place and school has such a lovely set up, friendly staff so much to choose from to do and to learn, bar area to a have a drink with whatever you make. Also includes a shop area for buying equipment to take away with you. Cannot praise the experience and people enough and will definitely be booking up some more classes. Highly recommend it 5 stars 🙂

Moretti Gran Tour 2017 in Association with Barclaycard BST British Summer Time Hyde Park

What a day and what an experience , firstly thank you to @MorettiUK for the invite to such an amazing event more information can be found here https://www.birramoretti.com/partnership-and-events/moretti-gran-tour-2017 🙂 At the Moment in Hyde Park London there is a massive event going on which I recommend you get yourself down to ASAP for a great time, more information about what is going on can be found here https://www.bst-hydepark.com

Right why I was there, well I got invited to attend the Moretti Grand Tour 2017


Authentic Italian street food vendors with all your favourite Italian foods, pasta, pizza and risotto balls of all flavours. Also Cheeky Italian serving up lovely meatballs in Marinara sauce , yummy 🙂 Birra Moretti had set on this two tier bar with massive selection of street food, Itlaian games to play, live music and DJ’s every night this week. July 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th open from 12 till 9.30 pm every day but doesn’t really kick off and get going till the evening so go depending on what you want to experience.

An now to the beer 🙂

Birra Moretti L’Autentica

This is the one most of you may have tried before in restaurants, 4.6% vol ABV Larger with a crisp slightly malted taste. It’s the colour of Hay and has a very refreshing taste. To be served chilled around 3C to be perfect and on a hot day in the sun goes down a treat trust me. It is well rounded taste and the bitterness is balanced really well, pairs well with all Italian food (well of course) 🙂 an easy drinking with friends larger for an evening.

Also however whilst I was there I got to do the Multi-Sensory Grand Tour of Italy experience which they have set up.


Entering in small groups you are transported around Italy, getting all the tastes and smells of the country. With a selection of their different beers as you go round.

Experiencing tasting notes you get to find out how good your palate really is, and what tastes your prefer, grassy, earthy or fruity, you get to circle the things you prefer and at the end there is a small surprise for you based on what you chose. I will not spoil the surprise as it is worth doing so get yourself down there. Each room you enter you get a different part of Italy, with various things to try and taste and experiments to do on your tasting skills.

I would highly recommend this fantastic experience and who doesn’t love being serenaded haha

After my experience and evening time was rolling on , was treated to a bit of live music going on. Which everyone always loves, it was a real mix of songs and good sing along too. People can dance away the evening or just chill, sit and watch plus enjoy.

Come the evening and after lots of refreshing beer an food the atmosphere was stunning. So many lovely people to chat to, so even if you going alone, pick a table and join in the chat or ask to join in the table football. I guarantee you will be making friends and chatting the night away to people who only an hour before were complete strangers.

Again I’d love to thank the lovely people at Birra Moretti @MorettiUK for this opportunity, the staff are helpful and friendly and up for laugh you will be treated well for your stay and made to feel like you are part of their Italian family. So what are you waiting for, this week I urge you to get yourself down to Hyde Park for an experience you will not forget. Enjoy 🙂


Finally of course cheers!

Midweek Meal, Cornflake Coated Chicken and Sweet Potato Wedges

Hello everyone, hope we are all enjoying the heat and no one is suffering too much :). Right this midweek meal is very tasty indeed I must say. First grab a sweet potato and peel and chop in to wedges.


Chuck in a bowl with some good oil and your choice of seasoning , depending on how hot or not you want your wedges to be of course, in this case I went salt, black pepper and sumac of which I love the taste.


Mix in the bowl till everything is fully coated and leave on a lined baking tray. Next you will need some Cornflakes, I used a free sample pack I had from Nestle of GoFree Cornflakes, add to a bowl. Make sure you crumble these down a bit, just smash with hands or rolling pin your choice whatever doesn’t make a mess. Next you will need a separate bowl for mayonnaise , I used the Moorish Dips Garlic and Lemon Mayo but use whatever you have.

Now grab a chicken breast cutting off any not so nice piece, place in the Mayo bowl and fully coat all the chicken.

Then in to the Cornflakes making sure every bit is fully coated before placing also on the baking tray along with the wedges.

Bake in the oven for around half an hour on 180C or equivalent till everything is cooked through golden and crispy. Then you are done enjoy, you get a lovely crispy outer to the chicken but due to the Mayo the chicken stays really moist inside. Scale up for large families but is very filling, also good to serve with salad especially in the summer.




Three Ways House ( A Cotswold Village Hotel) and The Pudding Club


Firstly I have never been to the Cotswold area until recently and have to say wow is it stunning, such a beautiful area for many a reason. This is Three Ways House situated in Chipping Campden, which is very close to Stratford Upon Avon. 48 Bedrooms, stunning restaurant, amazing garden and home to The Pudding Club.

What is The Pudding Club you may ask, well first created in 1985 so has some pedigree. Their aim is to preserve the Great British Pudding. It is held every Friday evening, some Saturdays charged at £37.50 per person. Attracts over 70 people per evening and is a big attraction to both national and international followers so book early. However you don’t need to be a member to attend. Guests are seated on large tables with other guests to chat to all interested in the same things 🙂 , it is fun and informal. Great for small groups of people or couples seeking a different date night.

The Pudding Master will start about 7.30pm and guests don’t generally leave untill about gone 11pm so you are in for a full evening. You will be greeted with a glass of chilled Elderflower Persse , then a choice of three light main courses all served with seasonal vegetables. Then comes the Parade of Puddings as a big event, to which you will get to enjoy lots of Great British Puddings , scoring as you go and at the end of the evening the winner of the will be chosen. DSC02932DSC02935DSC02936DSC02937

Having had the chance myself to enjoy some of these delicious puddings with a gravy boat of custard ( great job I know) Chocolate sponge cake everyone is going to love, syrup sponge tasted a lot like my mums own recipe which isn’t a bad thing 🙂 but yes my favorited and sure will be a lot of peoples was the Sticky Toffee Pudding, what isn’t to love, deep and rich tasting, full of flavour, comforting and makes one feel really cosy.

Also as this is a hotel and not just home to the pudding club you can stay. To which there are some themed rooms which I were kindly shown round. Anyone getting the chance to stay in any of these is in for a real treat, funky designs and you wont find anything like it.

You can of course buy this experience as gift vouchers too and many a souvenirs of your time can also be purchased. My favourite room  I have to say was the chocolate suite though, putting yourself in a chocolate box so to speak.

Who wouldn’t want to feel like they were living inside a chocolate box. Many a goodie is left for you too as they are also working with Divine Chocolate http://www.divinechocolate.com/uk . Furniture and all bathroom products were also all chocolate based.

DSC02956DSC02957DSC02958The mirror mad out of old chocolate bar wrappers is truly stunning and would love one in my own house. This is one truly fantastic experience, if you are ever in the area or wish to treat yourself I urge you to look this up. Three Ways House and The Pudding club is a perfect combination. Groups , Couples or even if need only a nights stay why not treat yourself to an experience you wont ever forget. I cannot recommend enough that you try this. Friendly and inviting staff, and a truly magical location. Please find details below:

reception@puddingclub.com http://www.threewayshousehotel.com http://www.puddingclub.com 🙂

Four Ingredient Recipe: Poached Egg and Houmas

Challenged to make a recipe using only 4 ingredients, thought this might be tricky but really gets you thinking. For mine you will need:

1 Egg

Sourdough Bread

Houmas (of your choosing)

Crispy Fried Onions


Toast your chucky slice of bread and crack your egg in to a cup, boil a large pan of water till you have a good rolling boil.


Swirl the water till you have a whirlpool effect, and slowly lower the egg in, poach for around 3 minutes, for a runny middle, this depends on your eggs, size and whether from the fridge or not, but should be about right. After cooking drain on a piece of kitchen roll.


Cover your toast in your favourite humus , I am using the smoked Aubergine dip for Moorish Dips http://lovemoorish.co.uk

Place your egg on top of the toast and then sprinkle over your crispy fried onions. This makes a lovely lunch or brunch 🙂 Enjoy












Vita Coco – Banana and Coconut Breakfast Pancakes #TastesLikeNoUdder

“This recipe is an entry into the Dairy Free Style Your Breakfast challenge with Vita Coco and Foodies100. See more great breakfast ideas at http://vitacoco.com/uk/

This is a great one I have to say, below is what you will need.


One bottle of Vita Coco Coconut Milk Alternative @VitaCocoUK

one ripe banana

two small eggs or one large

half teaspoon of both baking powder and bicarbonate of soda

little vanilla extract or fresh, pinch of Sugar

Streaky Bacon, Unsmoked better for this

Maple Syrup

Plain Flour

Right now lets get started 🙂

Start by chopping your banana and mashing till smooth, crack the egg in and whisk till light and fluffy, sift your flour in and mix till a stiff batter consistency. Add a little sugar an vanilla to taste.

Next grab your bacon, I think smoked would be too strong as suppose to be a breakfast dish. Lay on a baking sheet and drizzle maple syrup over the top. Then cook to crispy 🙂


I also made a smoothie to go this this whilst the batter is sitting. This was using the Vita Coco Coconut Milk Alternative, spoonful of smooth peanut butter and maple syrup for sweetness then blended till smooth. Great addition to go with this if say so myself.


Once your batter has been sitting for 10 mins it’s time to heat you pan or flat top, I rubbed a little oil in a ring and on the flat top just to stop sticking. Placing the ring then I filled with two spoonful’s of the batter mix, then lifted off and let it spread a little.

Once you see bubbles coming through the mix it’s time to flip till golden on each side and you have stack of delicious banana and coconut pancakes read to go, you can keep warm in a tea towel or in oven, can go in toaster or microwave to warm through also. On a plus side if you make too many these also freeze really well and can be taken and defrosted for a quick and easy dessert.


Now its time to get that crispy bacon out the oven, drain on kitchen towel. Now pile up as many pancakes as you wish and top with the maple glazed bacon, I added more maple syrup on top too 🙂 delicious breakfast or brunch.

Thank you again to Vita Coco @VitaCocoUK for the lovely bottle of coconut milk for this recipe, truly does #TastesLikeNoUdder  and more information can be found of their website and Facebook pages for lovely recipes too.