Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers

Hi, who wouldn’t want to hack up a burger this was a very fun challenge, Rustlers are very tasty in a rush and the new southern fried chicken twin pack is a great addition , brings a smaller burger at only 140g and in 90sec got a perfect meal. Great for people in a rush or who need a quick filling meal for the family. Great quality an taste, just because is microwaved does not mean lacks in flavour or taste. So this is my entry in to hacking a Rustlers burger 🙂 how you change it, what you add and what you have on the side is up to you.


I start by toasting the bun, best in a toaster this just adds to the crispness I think and adds to a better burger.


Next using some boiling water, add to a pack of instant rice or cous cous, many supermarkets do their own or there are some named brands too. To go with mine i picked paprika and lime Mexican rice. Stir well and cover with cling film so it steams or follow the instructions on packet.


Next using the black pepper mayo you get with the Rustlers pack I wanted to spice it up a bit, I added some home made Mango Hot chilli sauce that I’d made myself and mixed up well 🙂


Next might not be for everyone but i do love a Gherkin 🙂 I love the sour and pickled taste and think it cuts through burgers really well.

Next spread the sauce equally on each toasted bun and top both sides with some chopped spring onions.

Next comes some slices of Applewood Smoked cheese on each bun and then add the Gherkins.

Add the Rustlers Southern Friend Chicken Breast to the middle and stack your Burger ready for the microwave.


Now Microwave using the instructions on the back of the Rustlers packet and serve with the spiced rice on the side. Makes a great meal, very filling, tastes great and gives a great energy boost before any activities.

Enjoy 🙂 thanks again to Rustlers and Brit Mums also for this opportunity #RustlersHack get out there and get creating your own creations, feel free to post a pic on my Facebook of your creations I’d love to see.


Mexicana Cheese Recipe Combo :)

Hello, right it appears to be 2018 when did that happen haha, I know I haven’t done a lot on here in a while so starting off the year as I mean to go on. Here is a couple of recipes using Mexicana Cheese 🙂 check them out.

  1. Mexicana Cheese Nacho Sauce

Firstly grate a block of Mexicana Cheese, I used the very hot one for this.


Fry off some Chorizo or smoky bacon would also work well and chop a spring onion or two ready to add . Once crispy take off and set aside.

Next is basically making a white sauce, add butter to saucepan and a tablespoon of butter and heat together, mix well to cook out the flour, then add the milk and all the grated cheese. On medium heat, mix well till all melted together. Add more cheese bit by bit , if becomes too thick then add some more milk to get the right consistency.


Finally chuck in the spring onions and Chorizo 🙂 , this sauce can be used straight away or freeze up in batches ready to use. This sauce is so versatile too, as a dip for nachos, stirred in to pasta, also used with cauliflower to make my own spicy cauliflower cheese 🙂 very tasty indeed, any Mexican dish would also work really well with such as in cascades or enchiladas 🙂 enjoy. Below is a photo of how I had with just pasta which was very tasty indeed.


2) Recipe 2 , Cheese and Bacon pastry parcels

Firstly for this next recipe you don’t need many ingredients at all, puff pastry, bacon and Mexicana Cheese , maybe an egg or milk for a wash at the end, very easy and so many different combos you can make.

Cut Puff pastry sheets in half so you end up with triangles. Add some cheese in the centre, followed by a slice of bacon on top.


Fold over the edges using a dash of milk or egg to hold in place, then wash the top before adding a touch more cheese to the top. Bake in the oven for 20-25mins on 180C till golden and puffed up.


These make amazing snacks to have on the go or at work if need a boost. Thanks again for the cheese Mexicana was love to try out a few ideas using your products, please check them out next time you shopping and spice your life up a bit 🙂 more to come this year, see you soon.


Mexicana Cheese Rolls


From the people at Mexicana Cheese @Mexicanacheese I was given a few products to try and create some recipes with. More details about this absolutely lovely cheese can be found at , if you have never tried I strongly dare you to. If you love spice and cheese there is no way you wont enjoy. So many different things to do and use it for too, they have recipes on their own website but thought I’d try a few of my own ideas.


All you will need is some bread dough, use whatever mix you may have or make it yourself from scratch of course. I also added some spring onion to mine as thought would work well. Make your dough according to packet and let prove. Once risen or doubled in size. It’s time to knock it back and mix in the cheese and onions.


I stretched out the dough and added some of the cheese and onions. kneaded it in and then repeated the process to get it well mixed through the dough. Shape in to rolls however big you wish them to be (not forgetting to prove again) so will be bigger.

Place on a baking tray and top with some more delicious Mexicana cheese 🙂 Bake according to the instructions or until golden and light.


Can be eaten warm plus also freeze pretty well if you are making a big batch. Now to fill of course. I had mine with some more Mexicana cheese, chicken, lettuce and mayo , get creative with your sandwich fillings and enjoy. Would also make amazing burger rolls for something a bit different. Thank you again to the people at Mexicana Cheese, more ideas to come 🙂


Reese’s Brownie Pie :)


About time for a treat, not saying this is the most healthiest of recipes but we are all allowed one day off are we not 🙂 Thank you to the people at where you can find all the sweet treats you could ever want at great prices. They kindly sent me a bunch of Reese’s products (which I love) to create something with and this is what I came up with.


First you will need to mix up a Brownie mix, use a recipe if you have one or pre made is also fine like I did as had a Paul Hollywood Mix knocking around. Mix up the batter according to the instructions.

I added the Reese’s Snack mix and Reese’s pieces to the batter and mixed up well till smooth.


Next using pre made cookie dough (again make yourself) if you can or use pre made, roll out till the size of the pie dish you are using and push in to all the corners and sides. I floured the dish just to make it easier to get out.


I also chopped up the Reese’s crunchy peanut butter cups ready for the topping 🙂


Pour your mix on top of the cookie dough till filled. Then sprinkle on top more Reese’s pieces and the peanut butter cups.


Bake in the oven till puffed up and yet gooey in the middle like all good brownies sound be.


Can be served both warm and cold but from the oven still warm was lovely. Serve with cream or ice cream for a lovely dessert. Lasts a few days (if you can let it) but didn’t last long in our house. Hope you enjoy, thanks again to the people at please check them out for some treats.


Caribbean Food Week #CFW2017 Street Party Spread

Party Time 🙂 get your sunglasses out and party hats on it’s time to Caribbean it up. Starting today 21st August and running till 28th of August loads of places and people will be celebrating Caribbean Food. Firstly I would like to say thank you to Grace Foods UK company for sending me a bunch of products to be able to create some recipes and experience the taste and flavours of Caribbean cooking.


Information for Grace Foods UK :



Twitter: @caribbeanfoodweek

Instagram: caribbeanfoodweek

Caribbean Food Week is now in it’s 6th year of running. It’s aim is to educate and get people interested ad involved in making their own authentic Caribbean food. There will also be a festival in Windrush Square, Brixton, London SW2 1EF on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of this week. Live Music, cooking demos , market stalls and street food venders will all be there so please make your way down and have some fun as also free to enter.

First Recipe using some slow cooked pork seasoned with Dunn’s River jerk chicken spice mix in a wrap with salad and some hot and fiery hot sauce, easy to make and takes no time as all. 20814286_10159161899600137_7474291_n

All washed down with a gin, Midori (melon liqueur ) and Grace Foods UK Aloe Vera drink. So refreshing and summer tasting. One way to get your vitamin C in 🙂

Using Grace Foods Jerk Paste on some chicken, let marinade as long as you can, over night probably best, cube some vegetables , whatever takes your fancy and then either griddle pan or best results BBQ. Very easy to do and great results and flavour.

Next I made some Jerk Chicken Pasties.

Again start by dicing some chicken, I used mini fillets and marinade in Dunn’s River Jerk seasoning paste, this has some amazing taste and smells, I used a couple of table spoons but depends how hot you wish to be.

Now chop spring onion , peppers and chilli (scotch bonnets) if can get them. Fry the chicken and add the other ingredients last so till got a bite. Make saw chicken cooked through and then leave the mix to cool.

Next using shop bought short crust pastry roll out till about thickness of a pound coin and cut rounds depending on how big you wish the pasties to be. Spoon some of the filling inside, being careful not to overfill. Bring together by crimping up the sides and then lay on a lined baking tray. Whisk up one whole egg and coat all the pasties for a golden finish, making sure to have poked a hole in the top to let steam escape. I cooked on 180C for about 25-30 mins until golden.


Serve with your favourite sauce 🙂 I used Grace Foods BBQ Jerk sauce which is simply lush, I would spread this stuff on anything. Also some Levi Roots Sauces which I want to give a shout out too. After reading his cook books and life story he is an amazing man and his sauces I believe are delicious also. #CFW2017

Time for another drink , it is a party after all. Cheeky rum and ginger beer , sounds simple but packs a lot of flavour. Used Grace Foods UK Ginger Beer which is fiery and strong of ginger but does not overpower. Plus some Captain Morgan dark spiced rum, squeeze of lime and some to garnish too. Lovely and refreshing, can be as strong with rum as you like.

Next we have this Pepperpot Soup Mix packet, easy to make, follow instructions on the packet, using meat for more of a meal or just vegetables for a delicious starter, has a strong after taste and kick to it.

Side Snack 🙂 Also we have these tasty Plantain Chips, crispy with a sweet and savoury taste all of their own. If you like sweet and salted popcorn like I do, somehow works, then you will love these snacks. Team with some Encona Hot Pepper sauce mixed with mayo. Details on Encona sauces can be found here, I have tried quite a few of them now, such a range of different flavours please check them out.


Finally with have the main meal a bit of Goat Curry, if you cant get hold of goat as can be tricky sometimes but a decent butcher should be able to get it in for you, beef or lambs works as well. I made mine in a slow cooker as think works well but also in the oven give it as many hours as you can. Using Dunn’s River Caribbean Curry mix I marinated the meat over night ready for the next day to give it as long as possible for the flavours to develop.


I quickly fried some Onion, pepper, 3 cloves of garlic, chilli’s and potato in some more of curry mix .


Now tip all your ingredients and the meat in to your slow cooking pot, adding a tin of chopped tomatoes ( can used fresh also but give them a chop down first) and a tin of Grace Foods UK Coconut Milk and stir it up. Then heat on, I had mine on for about 6-7 hours in the slow cooker, if oven instead then 3-4 should do it , or try the meat to see how tender it is. Keep stirring too to make sure all the flavours combine. Half hour before serving I added chopped Onion Squash and chopped thyme to finish.


Serve with rice and peas or whatever rice you have to hand. I also added a squeeze of lime to finish and give a bit of acidity. Serve with a nice ice cold beer, chose Red Stripe Larger to be authentic which matched perfectly with the spicy goat curry 🙂


So there we have it, why not get out there for Caribbean Food Week #CFW2017 and get trying some amazing and tasty Caribbean Food. Again a big thank you to Grace Foods UK for all the products I had a lovely time trying them all. If you wish to buy these products yourself try here and using promo code 25OFF you can receive 25% off your first online order, so there is no excuse not to try these authentic products 🙂

Happy Caribbean Food Week everyone 🙂 get creative and get cooking them dishes up.

Weekend Meal, Curry Burgers

Hello all, who doesn’t fancy burgers at the weekend, thought about time did something again with Mums Masala curry  cooking sauces

Using half a jar of the Mums Masala Mild cooking sauce I mixed with 500g of Minced Beef, I’m sure would work well if whatever mince you have to hand, turkey would be a healthier option. Also mixed in a handful of chopped spring onions too, was tempted to add chilli too but the ones growing in my garden are not quite ready sadly but would add a good kick.

Mix well using hands or a wooden spoon. The sauce helps to bind it all together so you don’t need breadcrumbs (don’t add too much though so the mix is too wet as then will no hold together when cooking). At this stage add anything else you want to the mix, peppers, onions, coriander would all work well but don’t forget there is a lot of flavour already in the sauce.
Form in to patties , which ever size you fancy your burgers 🙂 chilled in the fridge for a few hours just so they hold the shape. These can of course can be frozen and used whenever you need them. Grill , BBQ or just oven making sure you turn over halfway through cooking just so both sides get that charred taste. Now get creative add whatever you want to your burger. I mixed some of the curry sauce with mayonnaise to create a curry mayo which worked really well, pickles, gurkins , cheese, lettuce build as you wish 🙂 then enjoy.
Hope you enjoy, please keep liking and sharing my page @OffTheMenuUK #TastyTime

L’atelier Des Chefs Cooking Lesson Chicken Shawarma

Hello Everyone

A while back a was gifted a cooking lesson in London by my family but only just got round to using it and boy was I glad I did. Such a fun and exciting experience. My lesson took place at their St Pauls London cooking school details can be found on their site here 🙂

My lesson was to cook Chicken Shawarma , a middle eastern cuisine. There are so many different classes to choose from, French, Asian , Japanese, to pasta or macaroon making lessons so would be something for everyone. These classes can range from 30mins so you could fit in around a working lunch to 4 hours making like 3 course meal. Firstly I was greeted by very friendly staff which who couldn’t have been more helpful and polite. Offered me a drink and a place to store my stuff. Plus really engaging whilst we were waiting for the other people to arrive for the lesson.

As you can see from the inside has a lovely set up. The kitchen area is very well stocked and all gets set up before you start with everything you will need. The chef teaching was so informative and very friendly too, made you feel relaxed and showed you everything you needed to know.

Prep time 🙂 firstly we made the dough for the cumin seed flat breads as needed time to mix. Next came the prep of chopping the chillies and garlic for the marinade, we mixed chilli, garlic, salt pepper, paprika and ground cumin then  covered some boneless chicken thighs and massaged it in. These thighs still had the skin on but as going under the grill made for crispy chicken skin which I love. Then slicing lengthways chilli and spring onion, then using a mandolin we sliced red cabbage really thin watching not to loose a finger. Chopped mint went in to some yogurt for the sauce, and both the dip and salad got a good squeeze of lemon. Next we rolled out rounds of the dough really thin till round, heating a heavy bottom pan on the hob till smoking hot. Then once in the pan we blowtorched the top (very fun) so they puff up and become bubbly with a crisp. Now time to assemble.


Once you have made your dish you go and sit at a set table by the window and front of the store, with everyone else who made their dish too. I got a glass of wine with mine and it went down a treat. The Chicken Shawarma was so deliciously tasty, crisp flatbread, lovely moist and flavourful chicken, crunchy salad with a good kick from the chillies and refreshing and cooling it all down was the yogurt dressing. A fantastic mix of flavours and one I will be recreating for sure. Chatting with everyone was fun too as discuss what you think of the dish and how might change, good to get to know some new people too. Included in mine was dessert too a flourless chocolate cake yummy indeed.


This place and school has such a lovely set up, friendly staff so much to choose from to do and to learn, bar area to a have a drink with whatever you make. Also includes a shop area for buying equipment to take away with you. Cannot praise the experience and people enough and will definitely be booking up some more classes. Highly recommend it 5 stars 🙂