Chicken Curry Pizza Pockets


About time for a new post, I am an Ambassador for Mums Masala Curry sauces which if you have never tried I highly recommend them, authentic and amazing flavour and taste. Check out their website lots of recipes and list of where to buy also. Step 1 : DSC02015 First using the mums Masala Curry sauce I used a bit of chicken and veg to make a simple yet delicious curry. Then let this go cold, fridge to chill is easiest I found.

Step 2: I made up a pre mixed garlic and herb bread mix and left to prove in a hot area.


Step 3:

Roll out the bread mix to about a 1cm thick, cut round a bowl or glass to give you two rounds the same size. Add some of the chilled curry mix to the middle and press round the outside. I used a fork to crimp the edges to make sure nothing leaks when cooking. Try not to over fill although I know easier said than done 🙂

Step 4: DSC02024

Flour a baking tray so they don’t stick whilst cooking. I then mixed a little oil, could use milk or egg, with whole cumin seeds plus sea salt and brushed on the top. This gives a great golden colour and added flavour. Depending on oven bake till cook through and golden on top.

Step 5: Can be eaten hot freshly or eaten cold depending on what you fancy having with them. They also freeze really well so you can make batch lot and eat some and freeze some. Then you always will have a great snack hidden away in your freezer. Please enjoy like I did. If you have liked this idea/recipe then share with friends and get them to like and share my blog please. Happy eating.






Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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