Tex Mex Family Time

At the weekend we decided to have a bit of family time in the garden whilst the weather is playing ball 🙂 we did a buffet style mix of food and wanted to share a couple of products and things we made which everything thought was delicious.


M&S do a range of Sprit of the summer products at the moment. This cornbread mix was so easy to make and use, tastes really authentic and great for any toppings. I added some fried Chorizo  to the mix for added flavour not that it need it.


Also made some spicy chicken drumsticks using Franks RedHot Wings sauce. I mix the sauce in a bowl with garlic, lime juice and a bit of honey too, plus seasoned with salt and black pepper, as the drumsticks cooked I basted the sauce on them about three times. They have a nice kick and if you don’t want as hot use less sauce and more honey. Enjoy your summer people 🙂


Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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