Jim Beam Cheese stuffed beef burgers :)


Had time to do something a bit different this week whilst waiting for my week 7 of Sun-Pat bake off. Time for some burger action and what better than a stuffed burger :). Had some good quality beef mince, chives, chilli, and cheese mixed with some BBQ sauce. I’m using Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce which is fantastic such an interesting flavour really works in things like this.


Mix the BBQ sauce and grated cheese together and chill. The in a separate bowl mix the mince, chives , chilli, and a bit more BBQ sauce, I also used an egg yolk just to help hold together. Getting your hands in is the best way.

Then grab a handful, spoon in the middle some of the cheese mix then add more mince on top to seal in the cheese and then form in to burgers. Chill again for at least an hour so they hold there shape. Then cook either oven or fry, some cheese may start to leak but all adds to taste and a messy burger and who doesn’t love that. Also these freeze really well too so you will always have an amazing burger ready to go. I enjoyed mine with some lettuce inside and some Mexican spiced potatoes on the side 🙂




Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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