Beer 52 Festive Box Review


Hi hope you all having a lovely festive time at the moment or feeling as busy as I am. Upon receiving this festive beer box from Beer52 really gave me a festive pick me up. Firstly I like to thank them for the box and the code OFFMENU10 which if you sign up I hope you will use. Come well packaged and with 8 different tipples to try, a really interesting magazine for an beer lovers and pack of spicy seed snacks too which didn’t last long šŸ™‚


Mimosa , Wiper and True is a very tart beer, strong citrus and sour notes. If you a fan of a sour mash beer you will very much enjoy. I believe this would work better a food beer, with something spicy to take the edge off rather than a session beer. None the last very tasty and refreshing.


Mordue Brewery Krampus, a golden or blonde ale, very good craft beer with a strong taste but not too much and doesn’t over power, good for winter nights.


Littlebro, this has been very favourite of the ones I have tried so far šŸ™‚ , part 2 of tasting to come when got through them all. One the can design is amazing, the entire lid comes off not just a tiny hole, this means you can stick you nose in and get the full aromas of the beer, which is very zesty. Not too bitter and couple of spicy notes too, can very much see why classed as a session IPA would be easy to knock back a few. Five stars for this one.

Right I will get on trying the rest when get a chance but again big thank you to Beer 52 please check them out for all your beer needs, it’s a great service and reasonably priced for something a bit different. Don’t forget to use code OFFMENU10 if you sign up please šŸ™‚


Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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