Macabella Chocolate Spread Cookie Cups

Happy New Year, Due to Christmas and New Year it has been a while since posted but got a good one to start off the year. Very kindly I was given some chocolate spread by the good people at Macabella both their velvet smooth and crunchy products. So here is a step by step guide on how I made some filled cookie cups. This can be adapted for many different cookie types and fillings. Firstly get your chocolate spread and teaspoon on to a sheet blobs of the spread before chucking in the freezer for half hour, this makes it easier to handle. Also make either your favourite cookie dough or get premade cookie dough ready.

Next roll out your dough and cut rounds equal to the size of the cake tin you will be using ( you need two rounds per cookie cup)

Put one round in to your greased tin and press in to the corners. Add the blob of chocolate spread in the middle then add the second round on top and press to seal the edges.

Cook for however long your cookie dough usually takes or follow instructions if using a packet mix. Make sure golden brown on top, the chocolate spread should not leak due to you freezing first.

These can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Great with ice-cream for a dessert too, as can be re warmed through easy enough. Try different cookie dough types and different fillings, I already have some ideas in my head I want to give a go. Feel free to Facebook me your pics of your creations or comment and like and share with your friends if you have enjoyed this recipe. 🙂 Thanks again to Macabella too for the amazing products and more recipes using your lovely chocolate spread are to come. Please like and share my Facebook page too





Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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