Paneer Curry

Hello everybody

Been a while since done a curry one for Mums Masala so thought it was about time I did. After getting some reduced Paneer Cheese, thought that I would give a Paneer vegetarian curry a go. If you’ve never had Paneer Cheese it’s an Indian Cheese used a lot in curries instead of meat.

Start by chopping all the vegetables that you wish to use, I included peppers, Onion and Courgette all cut to the same size, so they all cook at the same kind of time.

Lightly fry you vegetables and slice your Paneer cheese in to cubes, like mouthful size pieces. Next you need some seasoned flour, I used plain flour then added a spice mix I already owned, but use either curry spices, like Garam masala or use just some chilli powder. Coast the cubes in the seasoned flour then gently fry to give them a nice crunchy outside coating and put aside on some kitchen roll.

Next add a Jar of Mums Masala sauce of your choosing to your vegetables and cook through, I also added coconut cream to mine as I was after more of a creamy sauce but this isn’t essential it depends how you’d like your curry 🙂

Once all mixed and warmed through add the Paneer Cheese back to the mix. An cook through so all piping hot.


Serve with all your favourite curry sides, like rice, naan bread or poppadum’s , I ended up having some for lunch hence only had with a Samosa 🙂 Enjoy





Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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