The London Cheese Project, Camden

On Saturday the 6th May  I ventured out with my sister to London for The London Cheese project in Camden Market area 🙂 This two day event was amazing but be prepared for lots of people.

This area in the market was full of street food stalls, mostly all Cheese based of course but round the outside you get the other street food venders who are there all year round. The smells and atmosphere was lovely, great for any foodie and someone who loves a good market too , of course which Camden market always is. In the evening there were also live bands and a bar selling cocktails and craft beers from the area too.

Lots of great places and things to try,,  Voodoo Ray’s, Oli Baba’s Raclette Brothers and The Cheese Truck too.

Above is from 🙂 chicken schnitzel roll would spicy harissa sauce and melted cheese tasted amazing. Was a lovely event and hope they do it again next year and for longer. I will be back for definite as very full and contented after.



Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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