Three Ways House ( A Cotswold Village Hotel) and The Pudding Club


Firstly I have never been to the Cotswold area until recently and have to say wow is it stunning, such a beautiful area for many a reason. This is Three Ways House situated in Chipping Campden, which is very close to Stratford Upon Avon. 48 Bedrooms, stunning restaurant, amazing garden and home to The Pudding Club.

What is The Pudding Club you may ask, well first created in 1985 so has some pedigree. Their aim is to preserve the Great British Pudding. It is held every Friday evening, some Saturdays charged at £37.50 per person. Attracts over 70 people per evening and is a big attraction to both national and international followers so book early. However you don’t need to be a member to attend. Guests are seated on large tables with other guests to chat to all interested in the same things 🙂 , it is fun and informal. Great for small groups of people or couples seeking a different date night.

The Pudding Master will start about 7.30pm and guests don’t generally leave untill about gone 11pm so you are in for a full evening. You will be greeted with a glass of chilled Elderflower Persse , then a choice of three light main courses all served with seasonal vegetables. Then comes the Parade of Puddings as a big event, to which you will get to enjoy lots of Great British Puddings , scoring as you go and at the end of the evening the winner of the will be chosen. DSC02932DSC02935DSC02936DSC02937

Having had the chance myself to enjoy some of these delicious puddings with a gravy boat of custard ( great job I know) Chocolate sponge cake everyone is going to love, syrup sponge tasted a lot like my mums own recipe which isn’t a bad thing 🙂 but yes my favorited and sure will be a lot of peoples was the Sticky Toffee Pudding, what isn’t to love, deep and rich tasting, full of flavour, comforting and makes one feel really cosy.

Also as this is a hotel and not just home to the pudding club you can stay. To which there are some themed rooms which I were kindly shown round. Anyone getting the chance to stay in any of these is in for a real treat, funky designs and you wont find anything like it.

You can of course buy this experience as gift vouchers too and many a souvenirs of your time can also be purchased. My favourite room  I have to say was the chocolate suite though, putting yourself in a chocolate box so to speak.

Who wouldn’t want to feel like they were living inside a chocolate box. Many a goodie is left for you too as they are also working with Divine Chocolate . Furniture and all bathroom products were also all chocolate based.

DSC02956DSC02957DSC02958The mirror mad out of old chocolate bar wrappers is truly stunning and would love one in my own house. This is one truly fantastic experience, if you are ever in the area or wish to treat yourself I urge you to look this up. Three Ways House and The Pudding club is a perfect combination. Groups , Couples or even if need only a nights stay why not treat yourself to an experience you wont ever forget. I cannot recommend enough that you try this. Friendly and inviting staff, and a truly magical location. Please find details below: 🙂


Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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