Moretti Gran Tour 2017 in Association with Barclaycard BST British Summer Time Hyde Park

What a day and what an experience , firstly thank you to @MorettiUK for the invite to such an amazing event more information can be found here 🙂 At the Moment in Hyde Park London there is a massive event going on which I recommend you get yourself down to ASAP for a great time, more information about what is going on can be found here

Right why I was there, well I got invited to attend the Moretti Grand Tour 2017


Authentic Italian street food vendors with all your favourite Italian foods, pasta, pizza and risotto balls of all flavours. Also Cheeky Italian serving up lovely meatballs in Marinara sauce , yummy 🙂 Birra Moretti had set on this two tier bar with massive selection of street food, Itlaian games to play, live music and DJ’s every night this week. July 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th open from 12 till 9.30 pm every day but doesn’t really kick off and get going till the evening so go depending on what you want to experience.

An now to the beer 🙂

Birra Moretti L’Autentica

This is the one most of you may have tried before in restaurants, 4.6% vol ABV Larger with a crisp slightly malted taste. It’s the colour of Hay and has a very refreshing taste. To be served chilled around 3C to be perfect and on a hot day in the sun goes down a treat trust me. It is well rounded taste and the bitterness is balanced really well, pairs well with all Italian food (well of course) 🙂 an easy drinking with friends larger for an evening.

Also however whilst I was there I got to do the Multi-Sensory Grand Tour of Italy experience which they have set up.


Entering in small groups you are transported around Italy, getting all the tastes and smells of the country. With a selection of their different beers as you go round.

Experiencing tasting notes you get to find out how good your palate really is, and what tastes your prefer, grassy, earthy or fruity, you get to circle the things you prefer and at the end there is a small surprise for you based on what you chose. I will not spoil the surprise as it is worth doing so get yourself down there. Each room you enter you get a different part of Italy, with various things to try and taste and experiments to do on your tasting skills.

I would highly recommend this fantastic experience and who doesn’t love being serenaded haha

After my experience and evening time was rolling on , was treated to a bit of live music going on. Which everyone always loves, it was a real mix of songs and good sing along too. People can dance away the evening or just chill, sit and watch plus enjoy.

Come the evening and after lots of refreshing beer an food the atmosphere was stunning. So many lovely people to chat to, so even if you going alone, pick a table and join in the chat or ask to join in the table football. I guarantee you will be making friends and chatting the night away to people who only an hour before were complete strangers.

Again I’d love to thank the lovely people at Birra Moretti @MorettiUK for this opportunity, the staff are helpful and friendly and up for laugh you will be treated well for your stay and made to feel like you are part of their Italian family. So what are you waiting for, this week I urge you to get yourself down to Hyde Park for an experience you will not forget. Enjoy 🙂


Finally of course cheers!


Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

2 thoughts on “Moretti Gran Tour 2017 in Association with Barclaycard BST British Summer Time Hyde Park”

  1. Glad you had a good experience – I was actually really disappointed this year. The past two years it has been bigger with much more food on offer (and therefore MUCH shorter queues!) I also requested a place on the sensory experience weeks beforehand but was never allocated a place. We had fun all the same but not on par with previous years.


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