L’atelier Des Chefs Cooking Lesson Chicken Shawarma

Hello Everyone

A while back a was gifted a cooking lesson in London by my family but only just got round to using it and boy was I glad I did. Such a fun and exciting experience. My lesson took place at their St Pauls London cooking school details can be found on their site here https://www.atelierdeschefs.co.uk 🙂

My lesson was to cook Chicken Shawarma , a middle eastern cuisine. There are so many different classes to choose from, French, Asian , Japanese, to pasta or macaroon making lessons so would be something for everyone. These classes can range from 30mins so you could fit in around a working lunch to 4 hours making like 3 course meal. Firstly I was greeted by very friendly staff which who couldn’t have been more helpful and polite. Offered me a drink and a place to store my stuff. Plus really engaging whilst we were waiting for the other people to arrive for the lesson.

As you can see from the inside has a lovely set up. The kitchen area is very well stocked and all gets set up before you start with everything you will need. The chef teaching was so informative and very friendly too, made you feel relaxed and showed you everything you needed to know.

Prep time 🙂 firstly we made the dough for the cumin seed flat breads as needed time to mix. Next came the prep of chopping the chillies and garlic for the marinade, we mixed chilli, garlic, salt pepper, paprika and ground cumin then  covered some boneless chicken thighs and massaged it in. These thighs still had the skin on but as going under the grill made for crispy chicken skin which I love. Then slicing lengthways chilli and spring onion, then using a mandolin we sliced red cabbage really thin watching not to loose a finger. Chopped mint went in to some yogurt for the sauce, and both the dip and salad got a good squeeze of lemon. Next we rolled out rounds of the dough really thin till round, heating a heavy bottom pan on the hob till smoking hot. Then once in the pan we blowtorched the top (very fun) so they puff up and become bubbly with a crisp. Now time to assemble.


Once you have made your dish you go and sit at a set table by the window and front of the store, with everyone else who made their dish too. I got a glass of wine with mine and it went down a treat. The Chicken Shawarma was so deliciously tasty, crisp flatbread, lovely moist and flavourful chicken, crunchy salad with a good kick from the chillies and refreshing and cooling it all down was the yogurt dressing. A fantastic mix of flavours and one I will be recreating for sure. Chatting with everyone was fun too as discuss what you think of the dish and how might change, good to get to know some new people too. Included in mine was dessert too a flourless chocolate cake yummy indeed.


This place and school has such a lovely set up, friendly staff so much to choose from to do and to learn, bar area to a have a drink with whatever you make. Also includes a shop area for buying equipment to take away with you. Cannot praise the experience and people enough and will definitely be booking up some more classes. Highly recommend it 5 stars 🙂


Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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