Caribbean Food Week #CFW2017 Street Party Spread

Party Time 🙂 get your sunglasses out and party hats on it’s time to Caribbean it up. Starting today 21st August and running till 28th of August loads of places and people will be celebrating Caribbean Food. Firstly I would like to say thank you to Grace Foods UK company for sending me a bunch of products to be able to create some recipes and experience the taste and flavours of Caribbean cooking.


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Caribbean Food Week is now in it’s 6th year of running. It’s aim is to educate and get people interested ad involved in making their own authentic Caribbean food. There will also be a festival in Windrush Square, Brixton, London SW2 1EF on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of this week. Live Music, cooking demos , market stalls and street food venders will all be there so please make your way down and have some fun as also free to enter.

First Recipe using some slow cooked pork seasoned with Dunn’s River jerk chicken spice mix in a wrap with salad and some hot and fiery hot sauce, easy to make and takes no time as all. 20814286_10159161899600137_7474291_n

All washed down with a gin, Midori (melon liqueur ) and Grace Foods UK Aloe Vera drink. So refreshing and summer tasting. One way to get your vitamin C in 🙂

Using Grace Foods Jerk Paste on some chicken, let marinade as long as you can, over night probably best, cube some vegetables , whatever takes your fancy and then either griddle pan or best results BBQ. Very easy to do and great results and flavour.

Next I made some Jerk Chicken Pasties.

Again start by dicing some chicken, I used mini fillets and marinade in Dunn’s River Jerk seasoning paste, this has some amazing taste and smells, I used a couple of table spoons but depends how hot you wish to be.

Now chop spring onion , peppers and chilli (scotch bonnets) if can get them. Fry the chicken and add the other ingredients last so till got a bite. Make saw chicken cooked through and then leave the mix to cool.

Next using shop bought short crust pastry roll out till about thickness of a pound coin and cut rounds depending on how big you wish the pasties to be. Spoon some of the filling inside, being careful not to overfill. Bring together by crimping up the sides and then lay on a lined baking tray. Whisk up one whole egg and coat all the pasties for a golden finish, making sure to have poked a hole in the top to let steam escape. I cooked on 180C for about 25-30 mins until golden.


Serve with your favourite sauce 🙂 I used Grace Foods BBQ Jerk sauce which is simply lush, I would spread this stuff on anything. Also some Levi Roots Sauces which I want to give a shout out too. After reading his cook books and life story he is an amazing man and his sauces I believe are delicious also. #CFW2017

Time for another drink , it is a party after all. Cheeky rum and ginger beer , sounds simple but packs a lot of flavour. Used Grace Foods UK Ginger Beer which is fiery and strong of ginger but does not overpower. Plus some Captain Morgan dark spiced rum, squeeze of lime and some to garnish too. Lovely and refreshing, can be as strong with rum as you like.

Next we have this Pepperpot Soup Mix packet, easy to make, follow instructions on the packet, using meat for more of a meal or just vegetables for a delicious starter, has a strong after taste and kick to it.

Side Snack 🙂 Also we have these tasty Plantain Chips, crispy with a sweet and savoury taste all of their own. If you like sweet and salted popcorn like I do, somehow works, then you will love these snacks. Team with some Encona Hot Pepper sauce mixed with mayo. Details on Encona sauces can be found here, I have tried quite a few of them now, such a range of different flavours please check them out.


Finally with have the main meal a bit of Goat Curry, if you cant get hold of goat as can be tricky sometimes but a decent butcher should be able to get it in for you, beef or lambs works as well. I made mine in a slow cooker as think works well but also in the oven give it as many hours as you can. Using Dunn’s River Caribbean Curry mix I marinated the meat over night ready for the next day to give it as long as possible for the flavours to develop.


I quickly fried some Onion, pepper, 3 cloves of garlic, chilli’s and potato in some more of curry mix .


Now tip all your ingredients and the meat in to your slow cooking pot, adding a tin of chopped tomatoes ( can used fresh also but give them a chop down first) and a tin of Grace Foods UK Coconut Milk and stir it up. Then heat on, I had mine on for about 6-7 hours in the slow cooker, if oven instead then 3-4 should do it , or try the meat to see how tender it is. Keep stirring too to make sure all the flavours combine. Half hour before serving I added chopped Onion Squash and chopped thyme to finish.


Serve with rice and peas or whatever rice you have to hand. I also added a squeeze of lime to finish and give a bit of acidity. Serve with a nice ice cold beer, chose Red Stripe Larger to be authentic which matched perfectly with the spicy goat curry 🙂


So there we have it, why not get out there for Caribbean Food Week #CFW2017 and get trying some amazing and tasty Caribbean Food. Again a big thank you to Grace Foods UK for all the products I had a lovely time trying them all. If you wish to buy these products yourself try here and using promo code 25OFF you can receive 25% off your first online order, so there is no excuse not to try these authentic products 🙂

Happy Caribbean Food Week everyone 🙂 get creative and get cooking them dishes up.


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