Reese’s Brownie Pie :)


About time for a treat, not saying this is the most healthiest of recipes but we are all allowed one day off are we not 🙂 Thank you to the people at where you can find all the sweet treats you could ever want at great prices. They kindly sent me a bunch of Reese’s products (which I love) to create something with and this is what I came up with.


First you will need to mix up a Brownie mix, use a recipe if you have one or pre made is also fine like I did as had a Paul Hollywood Mix knocking around. Mix up the batter according to the instructions.

I added the Reese’s Snack mix and Reese’s pieces to the batter and mixed up well till smooth.


Next using pre made cookie dough (again make yourself) if you can or use pre made, roll out till the size of the pie dish you are using and push in to all the corners and sides. I floured the dish just to make it easier to get out.


I also chopped up the Reese’s crunchy peanut butter cups ready for the topping 🙂


Pour your mix on top of the cookie dough till filled. Then sprinkle on top more Reese’s pieces and the peanut butter cups.


Bake in the oven till puffed up and yet gooey in the middle like all good brownies sound be.


Can be served both warm and cold but from the oven still warm was lovely. Serve with cream or ice cream for a lovely dessert. Lasts a few days (if you can let it) but didn’t last long in our house. Hope you enjoy, thanks again to the people at please check them out for some treats.



Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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