Mexicana Cheese Rolls


From the people at Mexicana Cheese @Mexicanacheese I was given a few products to try and create some recipes with. More details about this absolutely lovely cheese can be found at , if you have never tried I strongly dare you to. If you love spice and cheese there is no way you wont enjoy. So many different things to do and use it for too, they have recipes on their own website but thought I’d try a few of my own ideas.


All you will need is some bread dough, use whatever mix you may have or make it yourself from scratch of course. I also added some spring onion to mine as thought would work well. Make your dough according to packet and let prove. Once risen or doubled in size. It’s time to knock it back and mix in the cheese and onions.


I stretched out the dough and added some of the cheese and onions. kneaded it in and then repeated the process to get it well mixed through the dough. Shape in to rolls however big you wish them to be (not forgetting to prove again) so will be bigger.

Place on a baking tray and top with some more delicious Mexicana cheese 🙂 Bake according to the instructions or until golden and light.


Can be eaten warm plus also freeze pretty well if you are making a big batch. Now to fill of course. I had mine with some more Mexicana cheese, chicken, lettuce and mayo , get creative with your sandwich fillings and enjoy. Would also make amazing burger rolls for something a bit different. Thank you again to the people at Mexicana Cheese, more ideas to come 🙂



Author: offthemenuuk

Foodie :) and photographer

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